Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Let's see if Sarah reads this.

Well. I am in Grande Prairie for Christmas........ I have been told that it really isn't cold out, well, if this isn't what a GP'er considers cold then I don't know what to say. I actually think that they say it just to make themselves feel better about living here. It is a choice. Living here. No one makes them. There are other Bible Colleges in the Universe. There are other companies that hire Heavy Duty Mechanics. I can also suggest that there are other Asian Sensations in other parts of Canada. Other, warmer, wetter parts of Canada. You know. Like in BC. Whatever. It's not my job to interfere in other people's lives. I just visit them at Christmas. You know. Like a certain visitor visits the younger female population of the world once a month. I wouldn't know much about that. Not anymore.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Haha - I broke into your blog!

Hey Mom,

I love the fact that you have the same password for everything - haha!
Well if you won't post anything on your blog then I will.
Actually I don't have anything to say on your blog because it's supposed to be about you - but if you want to know how I am doing you should check out my blog.

Love you muchly,

PS I added a link to my blog on your blog to make it easier for you. Look to the right of your screen.

PPS I am laughing hysterically right now - think of when you joined facebook now picture me like that - I don't know why but I just think that this is REALLY FUNNY!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I have been grieving - I spent Monday going through stuff - old stuff - boxes and boxes of old stuff - found the dress pattterns for the dresses that Laurie made when the girls were younger - I even remembered the fabric that I picked out - Sarah had a shiny blue and white dress - Anna's was pink and black - Rebecca's was a blue flowery pattern - after tears - I threw them out - what was I doing with them - that is the trouble with living in the same house for 25 years - you accumulate and accumulate - and store stuff - so much stuff - I had some of my grandmothers crochet needles - like I am ever going to crochet - I had a box of needlepoint patterns - like I am ever going to do needlepoint again - who wants it? - I can't imagine any of my children wanting to hang up some needlepointed flowers - grieving for the time that has gone by - all these memories stored in boxes - I've only just started clearing out - haven't made much headway - so I guess I'll be grieving for some time to come -

Monday, August 6, 2007

I am a Radio Alarm Clock

I feel - like a radio alarm clock - Why??? Well ....On my way to church I reflected on this.... I once had a radio alarm clock - I could hit it numerous times - NUMEROUS TIMES! - and while hitting it - it would give me more BEDTIME - I would instantly decide that I didn't need a shower that day - I had one yesterday - or - I felt fruity that day and I would just take fruit to eat for lunch - WHATEVER - my day 's beginning would be decided by daybreak - at some point anyway - BUT now , since I inherited all my daughters' furniture, etc. - she fled to live in England - and my son and his wife are now babysitting me - I have her freaking alarm clock - it just wakes you up - ONCE - there is no second chance - you either get up now - or you don't - I HATE IT - my old radio alarm clock - was my husband's - it is old - not very attractive - seen better days - a bit grungy - not all of the functions work - BUT - it did a job - I relied on it - and NOW - it's been replaced by a shiny, new, attractive, fully functioning (not many functions) alarm clock. So I feel like the old radio alarm clock, yes I am not new, I'm not fully functioning (my hip hurts) I've been replace by a newer model ...... WHATEVER